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Channel Letters
Channel Letters are currently the number one choice of sign for business professionals. They can be used for exterior storefronts or interior mall locations. We offer a complete range of channel letter products, typestyles and custom logos. Our channel letter accessories offer you diversity, providing your customer with a wide range of options to meet your clients needs. Our channel letters come with your choice of neon or LED lighting for internal illumination.


Reverse Channel Letters
Reverse channel letters are often utilized by clients who value a prestigious image. These letters are sometimes called "halo lit" letters. Reverse channel letters are produced with aluminum faces and sides (the side of a channel letter is called the (returns). Reverse channel letters are mounted away from the mounting surface or wall so a halo forms behind the letters. A clear polycarbonate back prevents birds and other animals from nesting inside the letter.


Sign Cabinets
Affordable Channel Letters doesn't just make channel letters; we also manufacture quality sign cabinets. Whether you prefer steel or aluminum or an aluminum extrusion in a wide variety of depths, we have the knowledge and resources to perform. The combination of quality materials, talented craftspeople, and aggressive lead times explains why Affordable Channel Letters has been a leader in the production of sign cabinets.


Custom Fabrication
Partner with Affordable Channel Letters and rely on our expertise when unusual or special projects come along. Maybe it's an occasional architectural aluminum cabinet, a novelty look such as round ends, or routed aluminum faces with "push-thru" dimensional lettering. Or just maybe the "out of the ordinary "isn't so out of the ordinary for your business. Leave the manufacturing challenges to us!


Continuous Improvement
We practice a system of continuous improvement in quality, technology, processes, company culture, productivity, safety and leadership.

This system involves every employee - from upper management to the cleaning crew. Everyone is encouraged to come up with small improvement suggestions on a regular basis. This is not a once a month or once a year activity. It is continuous and involves setting standards and then continually improving those standards. To support the higher standards our system also involves providing the training, materials and supervision that is needed for employees to achieve the higher standards and maintain their ability to meet those standards on an on-going basis.

Attention to detail at the front end of each project insures that when your sign is delivered it meets and exceeds your expectation. Our Engineering Department reviews every job before we estimate and/or build your project to ensure that our sign makes YOU shine!

Every sign that we manufacture is built to UL standards and are listed UL48. As a UL manufacturing facility, our product is routinely inspected for the highest quality and safety possible.

We use only the highest quality materials along with proven components when assembling your sign. Our Channel Letters are constructed with the highest quality materials. Our backs are made out of 0.063 aluminum and our faces are 3/16” acrylic. This provides you with the strongest channel letters in the industry. Our completed signs come “ready to install”.

We have established solid working relationships with both common and long-haul freight carriers. With our shipping volume and long-term relationships with both national and regional freight companies, we can confidently select or suggest the best transportation option for our customers.

We are dedicated to protecting the environment.
We actively pursue green manufacturing initiatives. Here is a list of some of the environmentally responsible business practices we have implemented:

  • We use recycled packaging materials
  • We recycle our manufacturing waste – including aluminum, plastic scrap and scrap wire
  • We operate hazardous waste free
  • We use a tight weave paint filter that exceeds the state requirements for VOC’s
  • We will continue to pursue additional green manufacturing initiatives.